With Nick’s farming experience and his passion for the environment and technology, coupled with over 20 years of conservation and precision farming, he is well placed to advise other farmers and organisations on how the to put in place the many methods and practices that he has himself has used very successfully.

His knowledge on this cutting edge technology in farming has given him platforms across the world.

  • BBC Radio 4 - Farming Today June 2018
  • Precision by Timothy Chou PHD, case study
  • European Intelligent Agriculture Congress, Brussels
  • BBC Radio 4 - Costing The Earth
  • Geospatial Technologies Conference for Precision Agriculture, Qingdao China.
  • CTF Conference, Prague
  • Conservation Agriculture Workshop
  • Farm Carbon Cutting Workshop
  • BBC Radio 4 - Farming Today
  • Royal Agricultural University Cirencester

"Conservation Agriculture has proven potential to improve crop yields, while improving the long-term environmental and financial sustainability of farming."

Nick August 2016